Support contracts are a great way of keeping your business running and can operate at different levels, just about all of these will look after what you have today. What happens when you invest next month in new hardware, software or telephone system. Who supports these items, or will the contract cover these. Who helps your business make the decision?, questions to navigate through in IT, whose job is it to make sure that all the important business functions are up and running?

Every day companies are sent new information for latest updates and software to help run a business. So many options, and this is just the initial system, then you have the product options, level 1, 2 etc.

Contracts are great on the day of signing then where is the progress made, technology never stands still.

Having a support network to bring in new technology without costing downtime is important, evaluation to level of purchase and ongoing support before long term commitments.

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JW Media can help you evaluate business enhancements and provide the support for your business short and long term, from a single project to long term development.

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